Monday, 11 August 2008

Many hands really do make light work

Thanks to Amp, Cliodhna, Jo, Justine, Buxton, Monica (1), Michael, Carlene, Ailbhe, Maryam, Alex, Elias, Rachel, Sandra, Ruth, Monica (2), Lucy, Carlos, Therese, Paul, Jane, Joolie, Michelle, Henrietta, Guillaume, Daniel, Damien, Christina, Marzena, Scott, Criodhna, Andy, Beldan, Freecycle, Chris, the Queen Bee and the Frizzante cutlery. We're off to hibernate now... see you soon, Lynn & Katia

BBC London Radio

Well done Katia for joining JoAnne Good and Rowland Rivron on the BBC London Saturday radio and bigging up the Savoir Fayre! She managed to do a 1 minute plug whilst on route with supplies. Fwd to roughly 1 hr 35 mins to hear it. Architectural Association Independent Radio

Honeybees at London’s SAVOIR FAYRE

The Savoir Fayre - enough buying, let's learn! Organised by Lynn Chambers, this fair took place on August 9, 2008 at the Hackney City Farm. The idea is the sharing of knowledge and making rather than money or finished products. Free entry to the Fayre offered Londoners the chance to learn how to fix their bike, make their own pinata, learn how to knit, how to do stop-frame animation, among many other exciting things for all ages. The atmosphere was buzzing, not least because there were hundreds of bees busy showing how they make honey - live. We hope the Savoir Fayre comes around again soon. #
3:42 min, AAIR 9/8/2008

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Thanks Art Sleuth

p.s if you go on the Saturday you should pop down to The Savoir Fayre @ Hackney City Farm from 11-4pm.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Knit in my name

We are now in LONDON ON THE CHEAP!

Saturday: "Go green," they all keep a-clamoring, but...well, how, precisely? Hop over to Hackney City Farm today to find out at the Savoir-Fayre, a festival of environmental know-how. A bevy of stalls await you to lend some creative ideas on how to reduce that Bigfoot-sized carbon imprint everyone keeps yammering on about. 11-4 pm, free.