Friday, 16 May 2008

There's a farm called Misery, but of that we'll have none, Because we know of one, that's always lots of fun (Ha HA!)

Wonderful wonderful day, we went down to Hackney City Farm to see if they would let us hold the Green Thing Savoir Fayre on their premises. Not only did they say yes (Hurrah!) but we now also have a date to work to. The Fayre will be taking place on Saturday 9th August. We met with the marvelous Chris Pounds who runs Hackney City Farm and I bumped into Roisin who I'd met at the NESTA Big Green Challenge day. Chris was incredibly helpful and a really cool guy. He gave us a lot of advice and contacts for people who might be interested in being involved and showed us around the grounds. For anyone who hasn't ever been down to the farm you should definately have a look. In addition to the cafe they also have workshops, really cool animals (I get really emotional when I see massive pigs, I think they're really beautiful). beekeeping and growing gardens. . . Me and Lynn are a bit overexcited today as it seems like things are taking shape. So we'll post more later.

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